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Why Use Us?

For stabilising when integrated into clay, silt, sand and gravel materials, our system creates a semi-flexible and non-porous/water repellent pavement which can be designed to retain up to 95% of its dry strength in soaked conditions. The system has been proven to remain intact and stable through extreme weather conditions, including heavy rains, flooding and high temperatures without excessive maintenance over long periods.

Use of our products and system typically reduce the need to extract and transport foreign materials by using in-situ or local soil/aggregate to create the pavement. As a result, the cost of utilising PMB TECHNOLOGIES is a fraction of the cost and time of traditional road construction methods.

For addition into maintenance grade or formation grade the product and system acts as the cutting of highs and filling of lows occur binding these pavement fines so they will not be lost to weather or traffic creating a longer lasting unsealed pavement.

For sealing of pavements the product can be used to simply mitigate dust or protect the base layer by penetrating the top surface and adhering fines leading to less deterioration, back watering and dust. The product can then be used as a primer, sand, single coat or 2 coat seal. This will provide a pavement with a wearing course layer with rapid curing, increased UV, water and abrasion resistance all with the added benefit of no heating required.

PMB TECHNOLOGIES presents an exciting opportunity for developing countries to construct cost-effective, sustainable roads for more rural communities as well as construction, mining, and farming companies to get increased benefits to their operation or projects.

  • Haulage roads
  • Access roads
  • Hardstand areas
  • Laydown/shutdown pads
  • Turkey nest (containment pits)
  • Dust suppression and mitigation
  • Chemical veneering and tarping stockpiles
  • Pathways
  • Pothole repair
  • Crack sealing
  • Pavement sealing (sand, single, two– coat
    and wearing course)
  • Waterproofing
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