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Application Method

Our multi-purpose products can be used for many aspects of pavement construction, maintenance, sealing and repair.
Maintenance Grade/Formation grade
Dust suppression/Base protection or priming
Sealing on primed surface
Pothole repair/Cold mix asphalt paving
Crack sealing/repair
Stockpile/batter & erosion control
Precoating stone/aggregate
Addition of dyes to create green, yellow or red finishes

Maintenance Grade/Formation grade

Dust Suppression and Priming

2 Coat Seal application

Stockpile and Erosion control

Crack sealing

Soil Stabilisation & Binding

Pothole and Cold-mix application method


For over 20 years we have been striving to engineer solutions to improve the construction of pavements, maintenance, sealing and repairing.  As our company is technology driven, protection, certification, the environment and testing both in the field and laboratory has always been a key focus at PMB Technologies. Measures we have taken to ensure you are receiving the genuine goods fit for purpose include:

Secured independent environmental risk assessments and accreditation on both the product compositions and methods used
Secured independent and in-house laboratory testing certification and accreditation
Compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets (TDS) reviewed and updated annually
Trademark of our brand known as the ISB range
Patent our product compositions and methods
Please contact us to receive relevant test reports, patent and testimonials.
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