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About Us


PMB Technologies is the intellectual property holding company who has licensed its patented, accredited, certified and environmentally friendly road and pavement construction products and technology to several manufacturers throughout the world. PMB Technologies also actively manufactures and supplies the market directly in Australia.

Our founders have been involved in the industry with technology and products which have been in development since 1996, seeking alternatives to the ineffective and extremely expensive conventional methods of pavement construction, maintenance and sealing.

The products have been developed to deal with difficult soil compositions as well as hot, dry, and tropical environmental conditions and heavy load capacities. Following over 20 years of in depth research, thorough testing and extensive application, our products and systems have been used extensively by national, state and local governments, civil construction mining,  primary production industries and major construction companies worldwide.

“WORLDS FIRST Patented, Unheated Road & Pavement Construction Method Utilising Polymeric, Monomeric And Bitumen Compostion Mixtures”

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