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World’s first patented, unheated pavement construction, maintenance and sealing product and method utilising polymeric, monomeric and bitumen compositions

PMB Technologies provides innovative products which provide a longer lasting and more economic solution to road construction, road repair, dust suppression and erosion control.

Our products are available in 1,000L IBCs. For smaller projects, 10L and 20L drums are available through any Independent Hardware Group stores including Mitre 10, Home Timber & Hardware, Thrifty-Link and True Value Hardware Australia wide.  Click here for more information


Who Are We

PMB Technologies has been developing its products since 1996 – click here to learn more


PMB Technologies supplies its products to a number of clients throughout Australia and internationally – click here to learn more

What For

ISB9000 can be used for a wide range of application methods – click here to learn more

Benefits of using PMB technologies:
    • One product has a wide range of uses – no need for different products for different uses leading to increased efficiency on project sites, less logistical planning
    • No heating of product is required – meaning no need for limits on where product can be applied and improved OH&S
    • Typically standard machinery utilised in applications – meaning no need for specialist equipment or operators
    • Increased water resistance, UV resistance and prolonged lifespan – meaning less deterioration and maintenance
    • Reduction on water use, operator and machinery usage in terms of dust suppression or maintenance grade as applications last longer than conventional methods using less resources – meaning these resources can be utilised for other projects or potentially increased production/efficiency in business such as mining, farming and agriculture
    • Non spec or poor quality materials can typically be used once stabilised for creating suitable sub grade, sub base or base layers as they are taken from a unbound to a modified pavement classification, retained wet/dry strengths and improved erosion qualities
    • Viable alternative to hot bitumen spray seals and hot mix asphalt particularly for regional projects
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